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Why Everyone Wants Jojoba Oil (and how to pronounce it!)

jojoba oil

 First lets get one thing straight
– jojoba is pronounced ho-ho-bah!

Now we’ve got that cleared up lets move straight on to why everyone wants to use it.  Unlike many products, jojoba oil has not gone in and out of vogue, its high up on top 10 list of natural beauty products for a number of years now and it ain’t going anywhere.  Theres reasons for that.

Jojoba oil actually isn’t an oil.
And thats a huge reason why we love it

Jojoba is a liquid wax thats extracted from the seed of the plant.  As such, it is very light and non-greasy.  But like an oil, it is intensely moisturising.

Jojoba oil creates an unseen, unfelt barrier when applied, that stops our skin from losing water.  Skincare specialists and chemists know this as trans-epidermal water loss. In this way, jojoba oil helps skin to stay hydrated.

Jojoba oil has a very similar chemical composition to sebum, the oil secreted by our own skin.  This gives jojoba a NATURAL AFFINITY with our skin, which happily just slurps it up!

All skin types LOVE jojoba

If you are someone with oily or acne prone skin you might think that using oils is really not for you – and for the most part you are probably right.  But jojoba is one of the few natural oils that is perfect for oily or acne prone skin, because as we’ve already mentioned, its not technically an oil and it is incredibly LIGHT AND BALANCING.  

Jojoba oil is super nourishing for skin

Here’s the list of  essential nutrients your skin will be LOVING each time you use jojoba oil.  They are all essential for healthy, glowing skin:

IODINE (around 81%) – which gives it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are so valuable in skin care.

The moisturising, hydrating and nourishing properties of jojoba oil, make it a great choice for dry or mature skin, and over time has a noticeable effect on decreasing wrinkles.  Body oils that contain jojoba have an added dimension of goodness.  In our range of bath and body oils we use only beautiful organic jojoba oil – it’s the best!

jojoba oil

Jojoba is undisputedly THE best carrier oil for essential oils

Being a wax, jojoba has a stability that other carrier oils often lack.  It doesn’t easily break down and go rancid like other oils may.  Even better…jojoba adds stability to other oils that its blended with, prolonging the shelf life of products that contain it.  

As a carrier for natural perfume oils it is unsurpassed, not only because of its stable nature, but because it is completely odourless. 

Jojoba although incredibly nourishing, hydrating and moisturising, is amongst the lightest of all the oils. It brings this lightness to any formulation that it is part of.  

Team it up with other nourishing oils (there are so many to choose from) and you end up with a bath and body oil that effortlessly feeds your skin a broad range of minerals and vitamins to keep it looking and feeling healthy and amazing.  

All natural bath and body oils are the ultimate way to moisturise skin.  Just make sure that jojoba is part of the picture.

For all of you who are into simple, pure, natural and organic skin care jojoba, or products containing jojoba are a must have for your box of tricks…

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