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Using Essential Oils as Natural Perfume

using natural perfume

Perfuming myself with essential oils is an absolute pleasure.

I do it daily.  Either from one of our roll-on blends or just a quick dab of one of my favourite pure essentials, neat on my pulse points, as I dash out the door – often cedarwood and sandalwood combined.  I LOVE  the smell of these oils together on my skin – it lasts for hours and the therapeutics of these oils bring some balance to my often over-busy, fast thinking, hardly stopping nature.

Essential oils compliment the natural aroma of You, rather than overpower it, the way synthetic perfumes usually do.

Fragrance Preference

Essential oils are many and diverse.  Diverse not only in their healing properties, but aromatically.  What people like and dislike in the olfactory world (fragrance preference) is also very diverse.  Fragrance preference is a very personal thing.  What one person loves, another person will be repelled by.

However, a dear friend of mine stopped on her way out of my house the other day, picked up the bottle of cedarwood for a whiff and exclaimed ‘That is horrible!’ (WTF????) She then picked up the lemongrass (which is NOT my favourite) and said more evenly ‘Now, that’s more like it!’

You may have read or heard some of these commonly used terms to describe aromas of different essential oils: sweet, earthy, exotic, sharp, green, herbaceous, spicy, smooth, resinous, warm, minty, balsamic, fresh, deep, light, heady, floral.  There are also others.  Of course, this is just a way of grouping essential oils according to similarities in fragrance, but each individual oil has its own unique aroma – indeed no two lavenders will have exactly the same fragrance unless they are from the same batch.  Subtle fragrance differences may only be detectable by a trained ‘nose’, and other times fragrance differences between two different lavender oils are apparent to just about anyone.  When you think about it for a moment, differences  in fragrance between essential oils of the same botanical name (but dif. batches) makes perfect sense.  The condition under which plants are grown and/or harvested is paramount to their chemical make-up.  The amount of water, sun, the condition of the soil, how they are fertilised, are all factors that affect how the plant grows.

Essential oils are the life force or ‘essence’ of the plant.  Their role is one of protection and strengthening.  Everytime you wear one of our natural perfume oils you are directly interfacing with the life force of plants and trees.  I LOVE knowing that.

One of the nicest compliments I ever received from a stranger was when I was in line at the bank and the person in front of me said generally ‘Mmmmm….Who’s wearing oils?’

The Dangers of Wearing Chemical Based Perfumes

Synthetic perfume wearers (of which I was once one) are slowly becoming educated into the dangers of using synthetic fragrances as more and more information on the subject is hitting mainstream media.  A widely held opinion is that synthetic fragrances up right up there as some of the most toxic and harmful products we could choose to use in the cosmetics industry.  The fact that perfume companies are not obliged to reveal all the ingredients is in itself, concerning.

It is now becoming more and more common for people to experience toxin-overload – where the body revolts against the onslaught of chemicals that they are exposed to day after day – resulting in severe and/or multiple allergies and a myriad of other distressing physical symptoms.  This is a picture of a system well out of balance.

If you are interested to find out more about the toxicity of chemical based perfumes and how they affect personal health and the environment, these links may be useful: – this article talks about the impact of chemicals commonly used in fragrances builds up not only in our own bodies, but in our environment. – this article talks about the hidden ingredients in synthetic fragrances and how their high level of toxicity now puts perfumes in the top 5 of most common allergens.

Your skin absorbs whatever is applied to it in 26 seconds.  So give it the good stuff. Our world is over-loaded with different chemicals and any way that you can minimise your exposure to chemicals is AWESOME! When ever you choose a natural or even better, organic, option over a synthetic one, not only are you making a positive choice for your own health, your families health, but you are supporting the health of our beautiful, fragile and amazing planet.

At Circle of Life Botanicals we are responding to a growing awareness and increasing market for natural perfume, as people realise the dangers of synthetic perfumes and are wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  We have created 8 gorgeous natural perfume oils for you to choose from.  Between them, they take care of a broad range of  fragrance preferences. Sample packs are available or see the box below to take our Perfume and Personality Match Quiz and arm yourself with new knowledge and confidence to buy a natural perfume online (without smelling it first!!)

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