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Tobacco Absolute – The Badass of Natural Perfumery?

tobacco absolute natural perfumery

So as part of our revamped new 2017 range of all natural perfume oils, we have used tobacco absolute.  I know that when I was in creative mode a couple of months back I made a facebook post talking about tobacco absolute and the only response was from one person who used the shocked looking emoji!

It made me wonder whether using tobacco abs. was a wise move!

But the more and more I played with the oils, the more I loved the perfume I was making with a tiny amount of tobacco abs. added.  The version MINUS the tobacco abs.  just lacked a teensy bit of depth, and that other dimension that words don’t really describe.

So for all you skeptics and non-believers, here’s the low down on Tobacco Abs…

Tobacco abs. is a very dark, thick, sticky oil (just as you might imagine) that is tricky to work with, and has a very strong aroma (as all absolutes do).

Don’t be tempted to liken it to stale cigarette butts.
It is more the dark, rich aroma of fresh, fine pipe tobacco.

Only the smallest amount need be used to achieve the desired result.  It adds richness, depth and tenacity to the character of natural perfumes and could be considered a more obscure and unusual ingredient.  Liking it more now?  Yep thought so…

I guess tobacco abs, is kind of badass, but it does it so beautifully that I’ve fallen in love. 

In our natural perfume oil – Me, Myself and I, you may or may not detect the hint of tobacco abs.  You may simply detect it as the depth of the perfume, balanced perfectly by other base, heart and top notes.

Tobacco abs. if not used sparingly easily over powers other notes in a natural perfume.  It fulfils best when allowed to hover in the wings of a perfume, quietly playing an understated part that supports other, more obvious elements.  Secretly it knows that if it were missing, the whole composition would really simply fall apart.

It imparts a gorgeous, clinging, slightly mysterious, and of course a little smoky, note to the finished perfume.  

So don’t write tobacco absolute off as yuk too easily, cos I’m pretty sure that  it will weave some kind of magic for many of you, if you give it a chance.

Of course, if you are not 100% confident in choosing one of our perfume oils for the first time, we recommend that you try the sample sizes first. 

If you need help choosing a perfume on line without smelling it first, just click through the links below to take our Perfume and Personality Match Quiz.  Its quick, fun and arms you with knowledge.

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