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Story: Why I Only Wear All Natural Perfume

Every woman has got their reasons why they choose to wear or not wear perfume and if they do wear perfume what is it about their favourite perfumes that make them so special.  Collectively our awareness around chemical overload in our bodies and our environment is growing and more and more women are looking for all natural alternatives for EVERYTHING!  Including perfume….

But don’t just take it from me.  I interviewed Byron Shire artist Vanessa Lahat. She made the switch from chemical to natural perfume a while back and not just for the healthy side of it.

vanessa lahat art

‘Love in the Sixth Dimension’ by Vanessa Lahat

I first saw, natural perfume fan Vanessa many years ago in another life. Our eyes would meet, smile and twinkle at each other across crowded dancefloors.  Then I settled down, had children, moved up to Byron Shire and never thought of her again.

Then I met her properly because of Circle of Life Botanicals. She saw me re-stocking the product stand in the health food shop and recognising me from all those years ago, came over and struck up a convo.  She had a little girl and I had a menagerie of renegades capable of destroying any retail environment in under 60 seconds. We’d both left one world and entered into a different one. Parenting and natural and holistic wellbeing.  Then we started talking about our other shared interest – perfumery.

She turned out to be a raving fan of our natural perfume oils.  The only perfume oils she has worn since she discovered them when we first started out 5 years ago.

There is something a little bit magical about Vanessa and her house has a gorgeous, warm, relaxed and inviting energy and is insanely pretty.  I wanted to hang around and soak it all up.

Here’s what she had to say about synthetic perfumes, natural perfumes and our natural perfumes.

Me:  First up what are your fragrance preferences?
Vanessa:  I like heavier scents that are exotic.  I love amber.  But I like my perfumes to have a floral note – I particularly like jasmine and neroli in a perfume.
Me: Why do you wear natural perfume rather than synthetic?
Vanessa: When I was young I used to wear synthetic perfumes and I really loved them.  I wore expensive perfumes.  I remember looking around for a natural perfume, but back then there wasn’t really much around and not anything that I liked.  Then I moved to Byron Shire and I was pregnant for the first time with my daughter.  I read somewhere that you shouldn’t wear synthetic perfumes around children or during pregnancy because some of the chemicals they contain are know to disrupt hormones.
I had also run into a few Byron locals who were totally repulsed (and vocal about it!) by my expensive $200 Calvin Klein perfume.  That’s was the last bottle of mainstream perfume I had left and I chucked it out.  Mullumbimby isn’t much of a chemical perfume kind of place….I think once you’ve made that switch away from them you never go back.  I haven’t anyway.
But there’s another aspect of wearing natural perfumes that is amazing.  And that is that whenever I wear a natural perfume I’m very aware that I’m interacting with, and absorbing the essence of plants and trees.  I really love that.
natural perfume
Me: How did you discover Circle of Life Botanicals?
Vanessa: I first came across Circle of Life Botanicals in Santos (the health food shop in Mullumbimby).  They stock the full range there. I tried them all and didn’t relate to all of them – some are quite floral and ultra-feminine.  But there was one – Heartspace – that I totally fell in love with.  That was how I wanted to smell.  I think that was the only perfume I wore for a long long time.  Everyone I met asked me what I was wearing cos I smelled so good.  I’d gone through a phase of wearing single essential oils (because I couldn’t find a natural perfume I liked) and I’d get a range of comments about that – particularly if I’d put on neat patchouli.  But when I was wearing Heartspace, everyone I met asked me what I was wearing cos I smelled so good.
Me: Do you mix it up now or do you have a signature scent?
Vanessa: At the moment I’m totally in love with Circle of Life Botanicals Me, Myself and I.  That’s all I want to wear.  I haven’t bought or worn any other perfumes since this came out.  I’m probably prefer to have a signature scent – as long as I can find the right one.  That’s not always easy. There have been other times when I’ve got a few different favourites.  For a while I had about 3 of your collection and I’d change what I was wearing depending on my mood and how I was feeling.
Me: Why do you love wearing perfume?
Vanessa: First and foremost I wear it for myself.  I love scent and I like scent to be on me, around me, near me. I always wear it at the pulse points at my neck, so that I can easily smell it. I definitely like to be aware of my perfume. Scent has the ability to make me feel a certain way. I like that.
And I guess I also wear it to affect other people. I’m a hugger.  I like to greet people with a hug and smelling great is something that I pass onto them when we hug – I think of it kind of like a gift.  It’s a positive and pleasant experience and adds something extra.
Everyone likes to smell nice smells don’t they?

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