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Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath….

bath oil

I think there’s a song in that.  Only in this case its not a Saturday night.  Its Thursday 2.24 pm and I just emerged from my bea-ootiful scented bath.  Hows about that!?

So, I’m typing this wrapped in a clean fluffy towel on my back verandah, perfectly moisturised, delicately scented
and basking my tootsies in the late autumn sun.

Having a bath wasn’t on my list of things to do this work day but since I was feeling stressed, unmotivated and experiencing a horrible slump, I needed to give myself a break, in the hope that afterwards I’d be able to function more happily and efficiently for the rest of the day. I spent the morning sitting at the computer doing odd jobs, researching inspiring and miraculous new parenting strategies and wrangling with tech issues and really not achieving much.

Well not any more!! Now I’m rested  in the mood to write this great post before I pick my kids up in 1/2 an hour. Result. Bath worked!  Yay!! So without further ado lets talk about scented baths!

I love and benefit so much from scented baths in a bunch of different ways and I need to share with you WHY they work so well… So that if you’re not already doing it you can get on to that and change it up.

First off, when I say scented bath I am meaning a bath scented with a product known as a bath and body oil or (in this case you may just use ‘bath oil’) as opposed to an ‘aromatic bath’ (where a few drops of essential oil are added)

So what exactly is a bath and body oil?

Bath and body oils are just that.  Bath and Body Oils.  You can add them to your bath or you can directly massage them into your skin.  The aim of bath and body oils is to nourish and moisturise the skin and to enjoy the feel of enhanced well being given by the essential oil component of the product.

Bath and body oils are versatile.
I even used mine the other day to suffocate the grass tick under my arm.
Not very cruelty free, I admit.

But in this blog post lets just ONLY talk about using these oils in your bath because now that winter is fast approaching a bath in the evening is just soooooo good and sometimes its just that little bit of extra nurturing that’s needed to bring the goods home.

The time honoured tradition of perfuming and anointing our bodies with scented oils is one that is thousands of years old. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show people using aromatics for both ritual and pleasure over 4000 years back and it is well known that in  Ancient Rome 2500  years ago scented oils were not only added to private baths but the public baths as well.

And why would you ever stop doing something that is just so good!

So bath lovers, I hope you adding a scented bath oil to your bath because it adds a whole other dimension to your bathing experience that you really DON’T want to miss out on.

Scented baths – The No.1 home pamper experience.

All you need to make yourself a scented bath is:  A bath tub, hot water, a luxury bath oil and a towel. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of bath oil to running water, fold your towel up at the head of the bath as a head cushion, ease in and relax for at least 20 mins (but more like 45 to an hour)

bath and body oils

NB:  Loves, if you don’t have an outdoor bath with flower petals floating in it DON’T DESPAIR. It’s not strictly necessary….  Of course if you have either or both of those options, then absolutely, go ahead, knock yourself out. Well, don’t actually knock yourself out, but figuratively speaking….you know what I mean…And….moving right along….

 Here’s why we LOVE scented baths so much.

It’s alone time.

Omagerd!  Alone time is the best!!!!! Yep you’re not the only one that craves it.  If you’ve got children, I highly recommend barbed wire, or an electric fence, or a moat filled with crocodiles – or all in combination if necessary.  We’ve simply gone for a lock on the bathroom door but, really, do whatever it takes. We all need alone time and for many of us it plays pretty hard to get.  I must admit – it did take some time to train my smalls to rely on their other highly capable parent for a short time while I have a bath – even tho’ said parent is right there and present for them. And even now I do occasionally still notice the tip of the cello bow sneaking in the gap between the door and the door jamb to try and unhook the latch from the inside.

Its relaxing.

For most of us life is too busy.  How ridiculous – we need to schedule time to slow down.  If this sounds like you, do it. You won’t regret it.
Its a well know fact that warmth helps the muscles and fibres of our body to relax. The peace and quiet you have while you are in the bath relaxes your emotional self. You might even catch 40 winks if you’re lucky.  The essential oils in your bath oil enhance different facets of wellbeing while you soak.  Perfect right!

It’s nourishing and luxurious

Scented baths require a scented bath oil to be added and bath oils feel and smell great.  Our luxury bath oils contain a mixture of carrier oils that when combined, create a product that has an amazing, rich, silky skin feel that you’ll absolutely love! Whenever you engage in nurturing rituals of self love and care you are nourished on an emotional level which is tops!

Its a top notch skin treatment

It is the most pleasurable and effortless way to perfectly moisturise your skin from head to toe, leaving it feeling soft and supple. And your skin will feel nourished for hours afterward. Carrier oils are packed with a vast array of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy glowing skin and should NEVER be underestimated when compared to essential oils, their aromatic counterparts.  They are skin food.

It’s less dehydrating for your body

Hot water alone can be quite dehydrating.   Think about how thirsty you get whilst soaking in a hot bath.  Adding a bath oil to your bath combats that to some extent by leaving a thin film of oil on your skin which prevents moisture from escaping.

It’s another way to boost different facets of your wellbeing.

By using an all natural bath oil that is scented with essential oils you can increase your feelings of well being as the essential oils are absorbed through your skin and enter your body via your olfactory system (inhalation).  We offer a range of 4 luxury bath and body oils each targeting a different area of wellbeing.

Effortlessly nourish your skin and psyche with non-toxic luxuries. Enjoy!!

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