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Dream Weaver Natural Perfume Oil 10ml


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Natural Perfumery: Take a step out of the phenomenal world and into the sublime….

This sophisticated and womanly natural perfume oil is a rich, exotic and deliciously boozy concoction that unfolds slowly, and boasts to be a just a tad decadent and quite unique.  The intoxicating floral scent of michelia champaca (from the magnolia family) is enhanced with a hint of ylang ylang and delicately balanced with warm spicy notes of ginger and coriander and warm undertones.

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‘Dream Weaver’ is a natural perfume oil, handcrafted with a selection of the highest quality essential oils from around the world and offers you the chance to surround yourself in divine fragrance WITHOUT using any toxic chemicals


*jojoba, michelia champaca, ylang ylang, buddhawood, ginger, coriander, amyris
*organic ingredient

So much to love about wearing our natural perfume oils…

captivating scents that feel truly wonderful to wear
hand poured with loads of love in beautiful Byron Bay!
100% natural and organic – 100% healthy
delicious natural alternative to chemical based perfumes
made with stunning quality essential oils from all around the world
vegan friendly AND registered cruelty free! YAY!!
love yourself, love your planet!
Non-toxic luxuries never smelled so good

Apply freely to pulse points at wrists and neck, with pleasure and intention whenever you desire…

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2 reviews for Dream Weaver Natural Perfume Oil 10ml

  1. ‘Dream Weaver’ is my introduction to Circle of Life Botanicals and I must say I’m very impressed. I daubed only a very little on and for hours the smell developed and lingered, bringing out the different notes as it interacted with my body’s chemistry. A very intriguing and mysterious fragrance that was ever changing. A deep, rich fragrance. I totally loved it. I know this bottle is going to last and last.

  2. Dream Weaver is yet another amazing essential oil blend by Circle of Life Botanicals. I have always enjoyed these oils but this one just took me to a whole other realm. It is so earthy and yet sensuous, uplifting in a way but still so grounding. Oh I just wish I had the vocabulary to really describe my love affair with this fragrance! Just divine and delicious to wear and smell!

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