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5 Need to Know Ways to Honour your Mama on Mothers Day?

mothers day

There’s a big hype around Mothers Day but contrary to popular opinion its not actually all about buying a gift.  In fact its mostly not about the gift at all.  On Mothers Day this year take the time to acknowledge and show appreciation and gratitude for your mum. Honour her for the person that she is and for everything she has provided you with.  Love, protection, support, cash, family, a place where you are unconditionally loved and accepted. The place you will always belong no matter how much time passes or how ever far you travel. And the rest.

I mean hell, to begin with, she carried you inside her for 9 months and GAVE YOU LIFE! That alone deserves some serious recognition and gratitude!!

Appreciation can be shown in loads of different ways. On Mothers Day in my house, my children traditionally set up a throne which is an old armchair decorated with cloths, flowers and surrounded by family photos.  I am guided by excited hands to sit in the throne and the kids jostle around bickering, each keen to be the first to give me their home made gifts and cards and exchange shared hugs and kisses and that rather special energy that only happens during rituals and ceremonies.  You can’t help but feel special.  Honoured. This is not normal daily carry on.

If you buy her gift, make sure its something that’s full of love and intention. Something that she will really appreciate and enjoy. Something she wouldn’t usually buy for herself.  That means:

no hoovers, no frying pans, no toasters
or last minute
ran-out-of-time bunches of flowers please.

You can do better than that.  Plan ahead. Here’s some suggestions.

Massage her feet.

You are giving her your time, your attention, your loving touch. You are providing a sacred space to connect with each other. Life is busy.  We don’t do this stuff for each other as often as we might like.  Giving a foot massage is an act of service. An unspoken acknowledgement that she works hard and gives much and deserves to be pampered sometimes.

Organise a trip or day out for her.  With You!

Make it some place that you know you’ll both REALLY enjoy.  The real treat in this is the time you spend together in unhurried enjoyment.  Try not to be on a tight schedule. Put in. That’s what she really wants.  Have you read that meme that goes around social media all the time about how there’s no wifi in the forest but you’ll find a better connection.  Well it’s true.

As a mother, when I feel my kids need to take time out to practise positive connection with each other, I take them to the forest.

Works every time. Just like it will for you and your Mum. If you head away from the buzz to somewhere natural and quiet you’ll find that you can REALLY connect with each other more easily and probably on a deeper level. You’ll both come back feeling nourished and relaxed. Promise. It’s awesome.  Hot tip:  take a killer picnic that includes cake.

Cook for her.

While you prep the food, run her a hot bath, put an oil in it for her.  Create an ambience in the bathroom. One that will help her relax and feel nourished, cared for, pampered.  When do Mama’s ever have time to do this for themselves and emerge only to find a delicious meal being served?  Like….never?

There are somethings that women of all ages really love:
scented baths are one of them….

bath and body oils

Give her the day off.
(A personal favourite of mine!)

If she’s still got children living at home, make sure she doesn’t have to cook or entertain or referee.  You take the helm and run the ship for a day so she can switch off and do whatever SHE likes to do.

Give her a peaceful, harmonious family gathering

Countless times I’ve said to my children that one of the greatest gifts they could ever give me is a day without bickering or arguing.  Most mothers would resonate with that.  So if you are having a Mothers Day family get together, keep it harmonious.  Set your differences aside and choose love. Every time. Bite your tongue.  Give the benefit of the doubt.  Call a truce.  Even if its just for that day.

There is little that is
more heartwarming to Mama’s
than to see their beloveds loving each other.

And if you are a mother, (and I know that many of you will be) I raise my glass to you and I absolutely honour you for the person that you are and for everything that you give.  You are amazing! xoxo

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