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Natural Perfume VS Synthetic Perfume

natural perfume
synthetic perfumes

You’ll see in this quick comparison how clearly natural perfumes and synthetic fragrances measure up against each other.  This may all be a bit confronting to those who really love their chemical based fragrances – I used to be one, so I know….I was really horrified when I started reading into the subject.  But anyway, I’m kind of hoping that this article will somehow reach people who are still wearing chemical perfumes, because even though you really probably don’t want to know this stuff, you should know this stuff.  Let me ask you one question – Would you sit in a room with a little baby or child and smoke a cigarette?  Its kind of the same deal…

Well, I know most people that are going to read this are probably doing so because they are already into the concept of natural fragrance and its always nice to have your belief system reaffirmed – so maybe I’m preaching to the converted.  But if this IS you and you know someone you’d like to educate about the subject of synthetic vs natural fragrance, please do us all a favour and pass this article on – call it planting the seed….!

Natural Perfume

  • aromas are more natural (not ‘chemically’)and compliment the natural aromas of your own skin and body
  • uses pure essential oils, absolutes and natural carrier oils and waxes
  • limitless scope of perfumes to be created
  • not too over powering
  • shelf life: 2 yrs
  • completely free of parabens, synthetic musks, pthalates and other toxins
  • all ingredients listed
  • poses no risk to personal health
  • low allergy risk
  • cruelty free – no animal ingredients, not tested on animals
  • doesn’t add to chemical overload in the natural environment
  • unlikely to cause adverse effects in others around you
  • progressive and forward thinking
  • are often handcrafted and in support of small businesses and their families

Synthetic Perfume

  • nothing natural about the fragrance – it is ‘chemically’
  • limitless scope of perfumes to be created
  • uses up to 100% synthetic ingredients created in a lab.
  • can be very overpowering and penetrating
  • 3-5 yrs
  • usually contains parabens. synthetic musks, pthalates plus many other toxins
  • not all ingredients are listed for consumers to see.  What are the unlisted ingredients and why are they kept secret?
  • potentially harmful to personal health
  • extremely common allergen – particularly for asthma sufferers
  • often tested on animals
  • directly contributes to chemical overload in our natural environment
  • may cause adverse affects in other people around you, (but unbeknownst to you)
  • funds multi million dollar corporations.

Thank you perfume rebels for joining the crusade to fight peacefully for a healthier, happier and more balanced world!!  Remember,  you don’t have to give up one to have the other, so if you haven’t got a natural perfume oil that you love, make sure you check out our yummy range!  You can order natural perfume oils here, or if you want to try before you buy, order one of our sample packs.  They are a great way to make sure you get the perfect natural perfume for you and they are only $7 and FREE POSTAGE.  What have you got to lose?

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