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pineEssential Oil: Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)
Origins: European Alps
Plant Part: Steam distilled from needles
Fragrance: spicy, green, fresh – middle to top note
Main Chemical Constituents:  borneol, bornyl acetate, a and b-phallandrene, a and b-pinene and 3-carene.

Pine trees are tall and strong and stubborn – reaching to the light no matter what it takes to get there.  The essential oil has that wonderful warm familiar fragrance that has wide appeal across a number of applications from household cleaners, to personal care products.

Emotionally the essential oil of pine brings to us some of the characteristics of the tree from which is it obtained.  It is a great oil for people who are lacking in confidence and are having trouble tapping into their inner strengths.  It has energising qualities and these are useful in shifting mental stress and enhancing cognitive alertness, memory and clarity of thought.

The energising effects are due the oils ability to increase metabolism in the body and it goes with out saying that this is a great oil to use to increase energy on a physical level also.  Use pine in a massage blend with juniperberry and lemon to detoxify, refresh and increase blood circulation – effective for sports massage.  It also has analgesic qualities and is warming so is useful for achy joints and sore muscles try blending with rosemary and/or black pepper.

Pine essential oil, like its other friends in the conifer family, is very useful for treating bronchial and respiratory issues.  It has a cleansing action on the bronchial tubes which makes it an effective expectorant (blend with rosemary to break up catarrh) and would be perfect for someone to use when they have just quit smoking (blend with juniperberry for detox)

For skin, it holds importance due to its balancing, smoothing and renewal properties.  Its fragrance is appealing to both men and women alike and it is often used in cosmetics and personal care products for both.

Pine has long since been used for household cleaning products.  The pleasant smell, and antiseptic qualities are a popular combination.  Pine is often used in insect repellents – bugs hate the smell of it.  A few drops on a cotton balls in the wardrobe, pantry or in your drawer will keep moths away.

Pine Essential Oil blends well with:

lemon, frankincense, rosemary, spruce, juniperberry, cedarwood,
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