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Spicy Essential Oils

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Spicy Essential Oils

If you are not naturally drawn to spice oils, they can be a little daunting to play with at first as they tend to be so distinct and some very over powering.  Like with all essential oils, make sure you are buying high quality – the difference you will find in the aroma is marked.  Below you will find a quick run down of the spice oils that we use in some of our products.  The function they play, and what they give in terms of their delicious aromas


Cardamom essential oil has a fruity floral spicy aroma that is uplifting.  It is native to India and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. In aromatherapy it is useful for treating.   For natural perfumery it is a versatile top-midde note that can be used in different ways depending on which facet of the perfume you are wishing to bring out.  Cardamom is more subtle than many of the spice oils.

In natural perfumery cardamom essential oil blends well with:

rose, other spice oils, frankicense, elemi, sandalwood, lemon, cedarwood, bergamot,


Ginger essential oil can be very hit and miss in terms of its aroma.  We use a beautiful ginger CO2 extraction as we have never found a steam distilled oil that we can tolerate.  Ginger is a middle note, leaning towards base, but definitely not base. Ginger is warming and stimulating, it is most well known for helping to settle nausea.  In natural perfumery, as you can imagine it can easily be over powering but blended well, the warmth and spiciness it brings are unmatched by any other note.

In natural perfumery ginger essential oil blends well with:

all other spice oils, frankincense, orange, lemon, rose, coconut, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, spruce, rosemary, grapefruit


Coriander is known and loved the world over for the flavour it gives to our food.  In aromatherapy coriander has been used  to address all manner of imbalances from bad breath to digestive issues.

In natural perfumery coriander is another ‘not too out there’ spice oil which means it is an easy to use heart note which adds a touch of fresh spice to the overall composition without dominating it.  It has slightly fruity undertones which makes easy to combine with citrus in a blend.

In natural perfumery coriander essential oil blends well with:

Sandalwood, amyris, all other spice oils, jasmine, bergamot, michelia champaka, ylang ylang,

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