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Myrrh Essential Oil

Essential Oil: Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
Origin: Middle East.  East Africa
Plant Part: steam distilled from resin
Aroma: resinous, medicinal, rich, balsamic, smokey

Myrrh essential oil as you will know is one of the oldest essential oils known to man. Along with its famous counter part frankincense, myrrh is steam distilled from the trees resin. Myrrh resin  is most commonly collected from wild trees – a series of cuts are made in the trunk and limbs so that the resin seeps out for collection.  A small number of trees are cultivated for the collection of myrrh.  Myrrh essential oil is often mentioned alongside frankincense, and they do share some properties and also blend together wonderfully.  Historically it was a very valuable commodity comparable in worth to precious metals such as gold, and other highly regarded, luxurious aromatics.

Myrrh is a very well known ancient oil that has been favoured physically, emotionally and spiritually for centuries.  It is warm and relaxing, promotes openess to thoughts, soothes nervous tension and is uplifting making it a wonderful aid for any spiritual pursuits . Historically it was used for sun-worship and mummification in ancient cultures.

Myrrh, like most other resinous essential oils, makes an excellent fixative for natural perfumes.  It has a warm, rich aroma that is slightly medicinal so be careful what you blend it with and how much you use.  It is very beautiful in rich, exotic perfumes or scents where an oriental or mysterious fragrance is what is desired.

In natural perfumery myrrh essential oil blends well with:

frankincense, palma rosa, mandarin, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, cedarwood, benzoin, rosewood
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