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UnknownEssential Oil:  Tagetes (tagetes minuta)
Origins: native to Africa, now cultivated in France and North America
Plant part: leaves, stalks and flowers
Fragrance: Sweet and fruity
Main Chemical constituents: tagetone, limonene, valeric acid and ocimene

This lesser known essential oil that should be use sparingly but has an array of fantastic properties that compliment other essential oils in aromatherapy.  Many may find the aroma not to their taste, but if blended well with other oils, this can be tempered somewhat and the healing benefits taken advantage of.  Its not an oil that you would commonly find in a natural perfume, but should certainly be considered for inclusion in respiratory or bronchial formulations.

For the mind, tagetes is a great oil for helping to alleviate sleep disturbances.  It’s a sedative oil and has a calming effect both physically and emotionally.  Tagetes will take the edge off stress and calm panicky feelings to help to bring about a more relaxed state of mind and makes functioning easier and more pleasant.

Its relaxing and anti-spasmodic nature makes it a great choice for helping to smooth out tension in both the mind and body – so use in combination with other oils for sore muscles, cramps, or for dry, persistent coughs.  Because it is sedative it is an excellent choice for coughs that are particularly troublesome at night.  Similarly for asthma or croup sufferers it is especially good, because of its action on stress and anxiety as well as being able to address the tightness of the chest.

It also has the ability to break up catarrh and keep it moving so that the body can expel it more effectively so is implicated in the later stages of respiratory/bronchial ailments where the cough is productive.

It is useful for killing a broad range of microbes so use it to prevent  viruses and bacteria from spreading – great in the diffuser through winter if there is not much ventilation.  Because it is a good anti-biotic, it can be used in creams and ointments to promote skin/wound healing or in a face oil that is for the treatment of acne.

The aroma of tagetes repels insects, and it would be a good choice for insect repellent, particularly as it has a soothing effect on bites or stings.  It should always be diluted, never used neat.

Tagetes essential oil blends well with:
jasmine, lemon, myrrh, clary sage, mandarin
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