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lemongrassEssential Oil: Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus)
Origins: India, China, Brazil, Africa, Haiti, Guatemala
Plant Part: Steam distilled from leaves
Fragrance: Cool, zesty, refreshing – top note
Main Chemical Constituents: myrcene, citronellal, geranyl acetate, nerol, geraniol, neral and traces of limonene and citral.

The essential oil of lemongrass has a strong unmistakable aroma that is fresh and revitalising.  Lemongrass is well known for its abilty to repel insects and it is often used in insect repellent recipes.

Lemongrass is great for clearing the mind and enhancing ones ability to focus.  In this way it is able to psychologically energise and for individuals that feel like their get-up-and-go has got up and gone, this oil is fabulous particularly when blended synergistically with other fresh zesty oils.  It has a wonderful tonifying action on the organic systems of the body, stimulating and assisting with optimal physical functioning. Lemongrass has a cool, refreshing aroma and a quick whiff in the morning is a great antidote for those who find getting out of bed difficult.

Lemongrass also has the ability to calm the nervous system meaning it is one of many essential oils which has the ability to relax as well as revive and enliven the mind simultaneously.  Using very small amounts of the oils will induce a more relaxed state – slightly larger amounts will be very stimulating and refreshing.

Lemongrass is an excellent choice in the an oil burner to keep insects away – blend it with cedarwood and manuka for excellent results.  It is a great addition to shampoo for pets as it will keep fleas and ticks away.  In addition to this, is has strong antiseptic qualities so is also popular in room sprays and diffusers or to add to the wash.  Use for the treatment of athletes foot as it is a valuable antifungal agent.

Lemongrass acts as a diuretic, meaning it increases the frequency of urination, and works well with grapefruit and juniper to cleanse and detoxify the lymphatic system which in turn has a healthy impact on the rest of the body’s systems.  It also stimulates the digestive system and can be taken orally for this reason.  Lemongrass is often used in skincare for its refreshing fragrance and because of its revitalising properties which leaves skin looking and feeling fresh and toned up.  It opens and unclogs pores and its astringent qualities are helpful in the treatment of acne.

Lemongrass essential oil blends well with:

pink grapefruit, lavender, juniperberry, bergamot, sweet orange
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