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hyssopEssential Oil:  Hyssop (hyssop officianalis)
Origin:  Meditarrean
Plant Part: Steam distilled from leaves and flowers
Fragrance: slightly sweet and warm.  Middle note
Main Chemical Constituents:  a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, limonene, pinocamphone, isopinocamphene, y-terpineol, 1,8-cineole and thujone.

Hyssop is not a well known oil unless you have quite an interest in aromatherapy and essential oils.  It’s true value lies not in the perfumery side, but in the therapeutic angle as it has many healing properties.  It is quite an expensive oil but worth the investment if you are regularly treating one of the areas of health that it is highly regarded for.

Emotionally, hyssop is good for relieving anxiety and calming the mind.

It is in the physical realm that hyssop really comes into its own.  It is a great oil for women to use to ease some of the difficult symtoms of their menstrual cycle.  It increases blood flow and elimination so can be used to regulate scanty or erratic periods.  Hyssop is an anti-spasmodic oil which means that it will ease any spasms that occur in the body – including menstrual cramps – use with clary sage to make an effective blend.  In addition it is a diuretic (increases frequency of urination) so for women that feel bloated during their period it is a good option.  Dilute with grapefruit essential oil and make a belly massage oil.  Continuing in the same vein, hyssop may also increase perspiration, and help shift mucous.  All of these actions serve to cleanse the body of toxins which is the main reason why hyssop is such a valuable oil when you are unwell or to use in support of a cleanse.  It is a great oil to turn to as part of recovery because not only does it purify, but it eases anxiety and helps lift the fatigue that is so often experienced as the final stage of an illness.

Hyssop is a strong essential oil to use in the fight against infections and viruses and in doing so may effectively help with bringing fevers down – use it for flus, colds, coughs.  Due to its relaxing effect of spasms hyssop will help to settle persistant dry, irritating, coughs that can be so bothersome, particularly at nighttime and its anxiety-relieving qualities may be assistance with someone who is suffering from asthma or croup – a direct inhalation during an attack may alleviate symptoms or settle the emotions.

Hyssop can be used to treat skin conditions such as acne because it is such a good anti-bacterial oil.  It is also a great astringent so will help to tighten oily or aging skin.

Hyssop Essential Oil blends well with:
geranium, rosemary, orange, mandarin clary sage, melissa, angelica root, thyme
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