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Blue Tansy

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Essential Oil: Blue Tansy (Tanacetum Annuum)
Origins: Morocco
Plant part: steam distilled from leaves and tops
Fragrance: sweet, herbaceousBase note
Main Chemical Constituents:   monoterpenes – primarily chamazulene, camphor, limonene,

Blue Tansy is sometimes confused with Blue Chamomile Maroc or Moroccan Chamomile. Technically it is a naturally occuring combination of roman chamomile and german chamomile.  It is a less well known essential oil with wonderful, sedative properties and a delicious aroma.  It is the ultra relaxing azulenes that give it its characteristic dark blue colour.  The herb itself is poisonous and the essential oil should only be used very sparingly or as a small PART of a blend.

Blue tansy essential oil, like other chamomiles, is wonderfully relaxing.  It even has a warm, sweet, relaxing fragrance that is an absolute pleasure to experience. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and tranquilises emotional impulses.  It is particularly useful for treating anxiety attached to no specific reason.  Blend with ravensara for excellent results.  When blended with other oils that have overlapping or similar properties, it makes a powerful synergistic blend for sleep.

On a spiritual level, blue tansy is a lovely oil to use for connecting to self on a soul level and finding some self forgiveness there – so again it is useful for restoring a sense of peace and tranquility to restless minds.

Blue tansy essential oil has anti-allergenic properties – it is able neutralise and halt the production of histamines thereby helping to control reactions to different allergenics.

Blue tansy is not only toxic to humans but to other organisms too – it is a potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parastic essential oil.  Use it diluted in blends for athletes foot or in a toilet/bathroom cleaning product with clove oil and water if parasitic worms are a problem.  For respiratory ailments it is a perfect night time remedy – its relaxing qualities will soothe coughs, its sedative qualities help with sleep and its anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities will also go to work.  Particularly good for asthmatics whose symptoms are often triggered by allergens in their environment.  Blend with lavender and ravensara for a great synergistic blend for dealing with asthma and croup during the night.
Like other blue oils blue tansy is soothing for skin, it is useful for bruising (blend with helichrysum) or itchy dry skin, dermatitis, or even for soothing chickenpox spots.

Blue Tansy essential oil blends well with:

lavender, vanilla, sweet orange, helichyrsum, cedarwood, ravensara,

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