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Herbaceous Essential Oils

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Herbaceous Essential Oils


Rosemary essential oil is well known and well loved for it’s beautiful fresh, camphorous aroma and it’s invigorating properties.  As you’d expect, rosemary is often used to wake up the senses, enliven the mind and get the body moving.

In natural perfumery, it is a middle note and will add an element of green, freshness to your concoctions.  It is strong – a little goes a long way and other notes with similar characteristics will cosy up very nicely together and overpower just about everything else.  Use softer notes (woody aromas are particularly nice) to help keep rosemary under control. Also nice with a little spice here and there…

In natural perfumery rosemary essential oil blends well with:

cedarwood, lemon, frankincense, thyme, lavender, peppermint, black pepper, eucalyptus, pine, cypress, spruce,

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