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Gourmand Essential Oils

Gourmand Essential Oils

Gourmand essential oils are a more contemporary group and are just what the name suggests.  They are distilled from rather delicious and highly prized gourmet food items.  These very yummy aromas are not usually used in aromatherapy but definitely gaining popularity with natural perfumers.  With good reason…


So yum!  Coconut oil as carrier oil has a mild-medium coconut aroma that is detectable in some products, but where a definite coconut note is required its not enough.  We use a delicious coconut pulp CO2 extraction which has a beautiful strong creamy buttery aroma – just like true coconut!  It is amazing for conjuring up tantalising visuals of warm tropical beaches.  Coconut oil is a middle note that clings beautifully.  Coconut is one of those aromas that you think is subtle but its actually not.  So it needs to be used with discretion in a natural perfume in order to be fully appreciated.



The addition of vanilla will a rich smooth sweet element to any natural perfume It is a highly prized, well loved and wickedly expensive ingredient commonly used in natural perfumery and personal care products where it’s smooth aroma effortlessly rounds out any sharp corners of a composition.  Adding too much vanilla because it smells so good is a common mistake and makes for a perfume that feels thick and cloying. It’s all about balance.

If you are looking for an amber base in your natural perfume, vanilla is an important part of that.

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