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Earthy Essential Oils

Earthy essential oils are wonderful base notes in perfumery.  Patchouli is the most well known.  Others are vetiver, spikenard and oakmoss absolute.


Patchouli essential oil seems to attract people to the polarities – they either love it or they hate it.  But everybody knows it!

It is warm and relaxing and its earthy aroma is grounding and stabilising.  This is the energy it brings to a natural perfume

Patchouli is a thick, dark coloured oil often with a greeny tinge.  As a base note it is an excellent fixative in perfumery and absolutely does NOT have to be the dominant note in all compositions.  Used sparingly you can achieve a barely there hint of earthy warmth whilst contributing significantly to the longevity of your natural perfume oil.On other occasions, its aroma is to be celebrated in its own right.

The warm, damp earthy character of Patchouli is sensuous and appealing to many, and as such it is a valuable ingredient in natural perfumes for both men and women.


Vetiver would have to be one of the most commonly used perfumery ingredients.  It is from the root of the plant and has an amazingly tenacious warm sweet earthy aroma that is well loved.  Vetiver is there in small quantities only as any more than that takes away from its gifts and overpowers the scent.

Vetiver, like patchouli, but even more so, is a base note and is often used for its role as much as its aroma. When vetiver is in a natural perfume it is usually the last note to linger on the skin when all others have faded away. Very lovely…

Oakmoss Absolute

Oakmoss has a super deep damp foresty aroma that is like no other.  Another base note, it will be the absolute last you smell on your skin hours after the other notes in your perfume have faded.  It is a warm, sweet musky smell that is absolutely more-ish.

Oakmoss comes from a lichen that most commonly grows on oak trees in Europe. It marries beautifully with so many other oils, especially florals.

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