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Why Women Love Perfume

women love perfume

Perfume can really take you places.  And when you find one that does, its magical…

Perfume is a pleasure. Its personal. Its going that extra little bit.  Its attention to detail.  Its sensual.  It’s engaging our often overlooked, sense of smell and using it to invoke feelings, moods and emotions.  Its bringing back memories, or creating new ones.

Women wear perfumes for themselves, and the way it makes them feel.

A woman’s perfume experience and how it makes her feel is very individual, but will be the reason she chooses a particular perfume at a particular point in time.

Feminine, sexy, soft, sensual, exuberant, fresh, pretty, romantic, intimate, light, delicious, confident, dangerous, sociable…the list goes on…

I don’t wear perfume for anybody else although of course compliments are always welcome!

natural perfume powder

There is a certain intimacy in the interaction between natural perfumes and my own warm skin smell.

I guess at the end of the day it is a natural product interacting with a natural organism in a natural way.  I like the harmony and organics involved in that.

I’m not a very girly girl.  I’m VERY casual – jeans and Blundstones kind of casual – but I still wear perfume…and its perfect.  And its not patchouli.  Admittedly my perfume preferences are earthy sweet or exotic, ambery, musky scents. I don’t go for heady, exuberant florals.  And I’m not into sillage or scent trails.  You’d have to get pretty close to me to be aware of my perfume.

I’ve currently got three favourite natural perfumes that I’m never without – a fragrant powder from India – all crushed up aromatic botanicals in a little glass jar, my beloved neroli oil from Egypt, which I wear undiluted, and my own creation, Circle of Life Botanicals, Relax Natural Perfume.

At some point, I’ll tire of my faves and take a break from them. Usually then, another natural perfume peaks my interest or I’ll set to work mixing up something new.

I do sometimes get my girly on and spending the evening soaking and dozing in the tub is something I love to do.  I’ll add essential oils or bath flowers.  Once I’m dry, I’ll mist my damp skin with rose hydrosol, moisturise with scented shea butter, and dab a bit of neroli on my pulse points before hopping into bed.

There is something decadent,  lush and sensual about going to bed clean, oiled and perfumed.  A necessary indulgence for all women.

natural products - bath flowers

But just to close…

Don’t pigeon hole me.  I like ALL kinds of natural perfumes.

I love the smell of earth on my hands and feet when I come in from working my garden.

I love the smell of my own skin, au naturel, especially in summer, when its warm and slightly damp from the heat.  Love that skin smell.

And I love the smell of my husbands skin every time I breathe in when I’m in his arms and my head just fits perfectly at his neck.  That is really very, very nice…

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