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How to Discover Your Perfect Winter Perfume

If you’re someone who needs a perfume that embodies every delicious thing that winter means to you, you’re so not alone.  There’s a whole tribe of fellow perfume lovers who need the rich, velvety, luxurious, sensual scents that just cry out to envelop us through the winter months.

natural perfumes for winter

Any perfume can be enjoyed at any time of the year, whatever the weather.  If you’ve got a signature scent that you love you’ll enjoy it all year round.

But most of us tend have fickle rather than committed hearts, when it comes to perfumery. We find it impossible to love just only one perfume.  Or we fall in and out of love with our favourites depending on how we feel. Or we love them for a while and then move on.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

And for us fickle-hearted individuals  often the seasons impact on how we feel and which perfumes speak to us on that other level that can only be reached by our sense of smell…..

As winter approaches we start really appreciating the things in life that bring us actual physical warmth and the illusion of warmth. And that often includes the scent we wear.

Perfumes have the ability to create
wonderful illusions, emotions and feelings.

And to somehow magically conjure up different facets of your personality that are so fun to play with.

In winter we tend to unconsciously gravitate to things that have a delicious warmth and richness and perhaps a certain luxury about them.  Think of the winter foods you love – flavoursome soups, slow cooked meals with spices, hot desserts, cups of hot chocolate….Think of the  colours and textures you wear in winter: darks or neutrals in richer, heavier and more luxurious fabrics. Look for and find these same warm, luxurious  ‘flavours’ and ‘feelings’ in natural perfumes

If you find your social self governed somewhat by the natural cycles of the earth as many of us do, winter is your lush time for going inwards.  You may not be so keen to be out and about, but rather look forward to long evenings in front of the fire or dinner parties with friends where its red wine rather than beer that flows.

natural perfume winter

Get togethers may not be quite so often and when they do happen
they maybe a little less exuberant and a little more intimate.

Winter is the perfect time for lovers and partners
to enjoy more nights in rather than nights out.

If you scent your home, you are likely to be using beautiful, warming spicy or woody oils and rather than fresh, light aroma’s like lime or peppermint which are crisp and cooling.

Discover scents that satisfy your need for warmth, richness, and lushness.  Scents that invoke feelings of warm intimacy, luxurious cosiness, sensual layers of exotic deliciousness that envelop and enfold.  Scents with a touch of velvet and jewels. Scents that have a depth and a clinging tenacity and linger tantalisingly on your skin and clothes for hours.

When you are looking for the perfect winter perfume be guided by the key notes.  Classic perfumery notes that have a warmth to them are spicy such as cinnamon, coriancer, cardamom, ginger or woody (cedar, sandalwood, buddhawood) or most well known of all for their sweet, sensual warmth, vanilla, balsam of peru or tonka bean. Amber scents have a particularly alluring and exotic kind of warmth to them that so many of us can’t get enough of…

From our own collection, here are the natural perfumes that we love the most in winter

relax natural perfume oil


Earthy sweet, warm and voluptuous,
velvet layers
with plenty of depth.

dreamweaver natural perfume oil


Decadent, sophisticated floral. Deliciously golden and a tad boozy.

me myself and I natural perfume oil

Me, Myself & I

Exotic amber perfume with various resins, vanilla and warm slow waves of sandalwood

heartspace natural perfume oil


Exquisite floral mix, lightened with citrus
on a background of vanilla and patchouli

Calling out to all owners of oil burners and diffusers that are badly in need of a new blend!

Would you like to receive our Sugar and Spice Pure Essential Oil Blend (worth $13.95) as a free gift.  We are giving them away with every order over $30 until July 14 2017.

As it’s name implies, Sugar and Spice is a blend of sweet and spice oils that is perfect for creating an enviable cosy winter ambience.

sugar and spice pure essential oil blend

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