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Perfume: How to Complete Your Unique Style This Festival Season

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Perfume is the invisible, yet unforgettable accessory
that evokes memories from your past and
promises to create the memories in your future.

Relaxed, social and high energy vibes float in with the warm sunny weather.  It’s well and truly time to get amongst it and have some fun!  With a smorgasboard of fun outdoor events we are spoilt for choice about when and where we go to get our kicks, but one thing is certain….there is so much fun to be had in planning and getting ready for your summer of fun!

So like so many others, you can’t wait for the next festival, you’ll be really loving playing around with all your gorgeous summer clothes and putting together outfits that feel absolutely fantastic to wear and that showcase your own unique sense of style.  It’s a super-fun time to shop too.  Or with Christmas coming up, discovering brand new accessories and treasures that perfectly compliment your festival mood, vibe and get-up.

So let’s cut to the chase. No outfit is complete without scent.  Perfume.  Fragrance.  Call it what you will, but it is the one thing that will totally complete your mood and make you feel the way you want to feel. Don’t leave home without it.  And even better, don’t leave home without it in your bag, because reapplying is pretty much always in the mix.  Often when you are needing to refresh and recover after one of those hideous festival port-a-loo experiences that you just can’t avoid… Nuff said.

Discover a scent that totally suits you from our range of 8 natural perfumes.  With no nasties and full of beautiful all natural allure they are perfectly suited to women who just aren’t that comfortable any more with living chemical lifestyles. They offer you an stunning alternative to synthetic perfumes and you’ll find within our niche range a broad spectrum of fragrance preferences are covered.

summer festival perfume

To capture that incredibly light, delicious and infectious summer fun, tropical mood, Rise and Shine has key notes of coconut, lime and vanilla woven through with a heady floral – its so yummy, you’ll probably literally wish you could pour it into a martini glass….Ohhhhhh, if only such a thing were available at festivals! Dream on….

If you are into classic scents and you like so many others LURVE fresh florals, no perfume embodies its name as well as Love and Light.  The combination of rose and cardamom is light, incredibly pretty and delicate and utterly captivating.

For a perfume that is slightly heavier (but not heavy) and definitely social, fun and deliciously flirty try ‘Heartspace’.  If you’re looking for something a little bit louder and that really likes to be noticed – Heartspace is absolutely gorgeous and you’ll love it! It’s a safe bet, with wide appeal.

For some of us, the seasons make very little difference when it comes to our scent.  We favour the richer perfumes, regardless of day or night.  Don’t care.  Break the rules.  Wear what you want.  If you’re tantalised by the scent of amber, you’ll love ‘Me, Myself and I’ – created with true freedom in mind – to be oneself.  To revel in one’s independence and to dance to the beat of your own drum, no matter how mysterious that may seem to those around you.

summer perfume

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the aroma of hot, sweaty bare skin….up to a point – its animal right?!  But once the invisible line has been crossed, it turns into just plain stinky and here’s where it could definitely benefit from some attention.  So instead of leaving people recoiling from the smell of your body odour as you leave the dance floor, leave them a faint scent trail of your favourite perfume.  Whether  you have a signature scent or you’re the girl that likes to mix it up according to your mood, doesn’t matter….As you push through the crowd the delicious waft of all natural perfume oils is like a very welcome gift you give to each and every hot, sweaty person you pass.

So, have lots of fun with your perfumes – let them help you tap into whatever aspect of yourself that you want to bring out to play!  They are the finishing touches to any outfit, mood, day, night.

You are never fully dressed without perfume.

If you aren’t sure how to choose a perfume online without smelling it first, please take our Perfume and Personality Match Quiz – the link is below.  It’s fun, free and essential for all on-line perfume shoppers.  It will guide you towards the perfumes in our collection that you are most likely to resonate with.

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