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Your Guide to Choosing a Natural Perfume On-line (without smelling it first!)

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Choices, choices, choices!
Fabulous.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.
But not always easy.

OK, so, like many people, you are thinking about buying a natural perfume on line for the first time, for yourself or for someone else.  But how DO you go about that with confidence given, that as yet, we can’t smell things through the computer screen?

Choosing a natural perfume (or any kind of perfume actually!) on line without smelling it first doesn’t have to be stressful or risky.  But there are a couple of key things you absolutely should do if you want to maximise your chances of picking a scent you are REALLY gonna love.

1. Read the ingredients:

See what ‘notes’ are in the perfume – do you like the aroma of the individual ingredients? Are you familiar with some/most/all of them? If not – it might be worth reading a little about them. Go here to read more about all the natural ingredients we use in our natural perfume oils

2. Read the fragrance description:

Fragrance descriptions usually tell you whether the perfume is heavy, light, fresh, floral, exotic, oriental, tropical, warm, cool etc.

3. Take our Perfume and Personality Match Quiz

We think you’re totally cray cray if you don’t! We designed it especially to help you understand your fragrance preferences a little better.  Its free and its really FUN and very useful! Here’s the link for the QUIZ.  Or alternatively finish reading this article and at the bottom you’ll see the link again for the quiz.

4. Are there sample sizes available?

Yes? Great! Order the ones you feel most drawn to AFTER taking the quiz and reading the ingredients and/or fragrance descriptions.  If you would like to try our natural perfume oil samples please click here

5. And lastly are there any reviews?

If there are reviews or testimonials read them. See what others before you have felt about the product. But remember, perfume preference is VERY personal, what you like, someone else may not or vice versa.

So go…Do…and Enjoy!  Especially the quiz – its so fun – we loved putting it together! And please, if you do end up going ahead and treating yourself to one of our gorgeous natural perfume oils, once you’ve tried it out, leave a review – reviews really help other people who are at where you are at right now.

As well as to unashamedly indulge your senses with delicious and ethereal all natural perfume oils, our crusade is to carry a flag for natural living in harmony with our own bodies and with love and respect for all living beings and the health of our amazing, beautiful and fragile planet.

Be a part of The Shift. Together we have the power to create, nurture and transform….

With deliciously fragrant wishes of love, hope, and determination…

Suzanne xoxo

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