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Your Guide to Luxurious Body Oiling: Why, Where and How to….

bath and body oils

Body oiling is one of life’s simple pleasures.

If you’ve ever wondered which time of the year your skin needs most to be well taken care of with a good moisturising oil, the answer is:  all year round.  In our sunny Australian climate our skin NEEDS all the help in can get to stay plumped, moisturised and hydrated.  As the seasons change the humidity is replaced by cold, dry air that can leave skin looking and feeling very thirsty. And when the winter winds blow in from our beautiful Australian deserts you’ll feel them.

NOW is the time to take steps to
Save Your Skin!
You’ll wear it every day for your whole life.
So look after it.

When you are regularly moisturising it makes your skin look and feel healthier. That’s why hoards of us use moisturising body products.

When it comes to moisturising you’ve got two options – creams or oils.

As a life-long oil junkie who’s never really got into creams, naturally I’m going share what benefits moisturising with oils can give you.

No matter what your skin type is there is an oil that is perfectly suited to it. It’s never really too early to start body oiling, but you can definitely leave it too late!

Your skin takes around 26 seconds to start absorbing whatever you apply to it.

This may strike fear into the hearts of some of you, but panic not…See it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to feed your skin the good stuff, knowing that it is going to be enthusiastically slurped up and made good use of by your body’s largest organ.

Look for a body oil that is rich and nourishing, but light.  Yes, its possible….with the right mix of carrier oils.

Carrier Oils

bath and body oils

Don’t underestimate the value of carrier oils.  Different carrier oils have different benefits but they are all packed to the max. with various vitamins and minerals that are fabulous for plumped, healthy skin.  There are lots and lots of different carrier oils available.

Some carrier oils have been in vogue for ever and they show no signs of losing popularity (jojoba, vitamin E, rosehip, coconut).  Others trend and come and go (argan)   New stuff becomes available and everyone goes nutz over it for a while till the next new one comes out (babassu) and some are simply the understated heroes or the quiet achievers (soybean, grapeseed, shea nut)

Different oils are perfect for different purposes.

For example:
Coconut oil is perfect for removing makeup.
Sweet almond/soybean oil is a popular massage base.
Body butters are unsurpassable for softening dry, rough skin
Rosehip oil is great for anti-ageing and scars
Jojoba oil is perfect for…..everything.

By combining a selection of well chosen carrier oils it is possible to make a bath/body oil that has all bases covered.

– it is nourishing for skin and has a luxurious, silky richness to it.
– it spreads easily and is quick to apply a fine layer all over
– it is light and absorbs quickly leaving no tacky feeling
– it leaves your skin feeling moisturised for hours, if not the whole day
– you love the way it makes your skin feel and smell

When high quality essential oils are used to make a naturally scented bath and body oil they add another dimension to the product – aromatherapy.  An experienced aromatherapist is able to create a essential oil blend that has a lovely aroma and has therapeutic value.  So if you need a pick me up or a chill me out, buy a scented bath and body oil that addresses that particular area of wellbeing.

So if you’re a body oiling virgin here’s how to do it. But first, know this…

It doesn’t take long
You don’t need a 4-year uni degree to do it
It doesn’t even hurt.

So you’ve basically got two options

bath and body oils

Adding to bath

This is my personal favourite because I’m inherently lazy.  I love relaxing in the bath and if I add the bath and body oil, when I get out 30-45 mins later I’m delicately scented and effortlessly and perfectly moisturised from neck to toe. Plus the bathroom smells gorgeous, not unlike a high-end spa.

Add 1/2 a teaspoon to a hot bath.  Hop in.  Luxuriate.  Hop out and gently pat dry. Get dressed. Job done.

Massaging into Skin

You massage the oil into your skin after bath or shower when your skin is warm and your pores are open.  You can use it every where on your body except face and genitals.  There is something very nurturing about moisturising your body this way.  Do it consciously with the intention of pleasure, self care and nurture.

You only need a small amount – a good bath and body oil will spread easily and absorb quickly.  You don’t want to have to stand around for 1/2 an hour waiting for it to absorb so you can get dressed.

If you moisturise your skin frequently with all natural bath and body oils you’ll find that it becomes less dry, flaky, thin and papery become and looks and feels well moisturised and plumper.

Is this an opportunity for luxurious necessity that you really want to pass over?

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