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Perfume: Arm Your Teenager with Knowledge and Cut Out Health Risks

If you are a parent of a pre-teen child or a teenager YOU need to get worded up on the good, the bad and the just plain ugly facts about perfume.

But don’t worry, I’m going to share with you exactly what YOU need to share with your teenagers to encourage them in making healthy perfume choices.

teenagers perfume

Chemical perfumes are full of
known hormone disruptors.
Hardly what any teenager needs…(*snort!*)

Lots of teenagers love perfume.  And that’s fine.  They just need to be armed with some basic perfume knowledge, (beyond what they like the smell of) so that they can make informed, healthy decisions about what they want when they shop for a perfume.

Before we go any further lets get one thing straight:  everything you read in this article applies not only to perfumes but to body sprays, deodorants and aftershaves too.  So please don’t think it is only of interest if you have daughters.

Teenage boys need to know this stuff too.

The easiest way to help your teenager make healthy choices in the perfume world is to live it yourself.  We all know all too well what happens when we try to ‘lecture’ them about stuff they’re not overly interested in.  Their gaze shifts to the arm of the couch where their phone lies, or their eyes glaze over altogether.  They barely stifle a yawn and suddenly remember that they’ve got a pure maths assignment due 5 mins ago.

Like all the books and experts tell us: Role modelling is way more powerful.  And unfortunately ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ doesn’t really wash with most people, especially teenagers.  With good reason.  But what if you don’t wear a perfume? Then you need to rely solely on conversation….

So if you are wondering what to tell them, here’s the nutz n boltz:

  1.  Mainstream perfumes are made with a high percentage (the cheaper ones 100%) aroma-chemicals.  Aroma chemicals are completely synthetic and produced in a lab to smell like and replace natural ingredients. Why?  Using natural ingredients (essential oils) is way more expensive and supply isn’t always guaranteed as it is dependent on weather patterns and farming conditions from one season to the next. Chemicals can always be produced in a lab no matter what the conditions are and they are cheap.
  2. Anything that is applied to the skin is absorbed in about 26 seconds, including perfume.  Aroma-chemicals are also absorbed adding to the chemical build-up in our bodies.
  3. Perfumes being highly aromatic are also processed by our olfactory system (sense of smell). The tiny aromatic molecules (natural or synthetic) are inhaled and are absorbed into our bodies.
  4. Most mainstream perfumes do not disclose all their ingredients.  There is a loophole in the law that says that ‘trade secrets’ are allowed to be just that – secret.  And fragrance blends that perfume houses  create come under the umbrella of ‘trade secret’
  5. Most synthetic perfumes contain chemicals that haven’t been properly tested on humans to see how they accumulate in the body and the long term effects may well not be known.
  6. Synthetic perfumes are widely used and are a huge contributing factor to the chemical overload in our world.  Progressive thinkers realise it’s one small way they can make a positive change in the world.
  7. Synthetic perfumes are full of ingredients that are routinely tested on animals in their development phase. (Some very powerful images out there that will hit this point home in a nano-sec)
  8. Synthetic perfumes always contain certain groups of chemicals that are known carcinogens (increase the risk of cancer)
  9. Alarmingly they also include chemicals that disrupt the production of hormones – which is particularly concerning for teenagers (both girls and boys.

(And here’s the good news!) There are lots of natural perfumes available, so it’s easy for EVERYONE to dip out of this chemical perfume world completely and find a natural scent that really takes them places and that is also eco & human friendly AND cruelty free.

sample sizes
  • Sample sizes are the perfect way for teenagers to try a few different perfume oils without spending very much money.
  • Each sample vial contains 1 ml of natural perfume oil.  A little goes a long way and they will get plenty of applications from it.
  • Sample sizes take all the guess work out of choosing a natural perfume oil online. Without smelling it first!

Each sample pack contains 3 x 1m samples of your choice for $7 and free shipping

When your teenager wears a natural perfume they will enjoy….

  1. being naturally and beautifully perfumed
  2. no additional chemical build up in their body. Essential oils are absorbed, processed and in a matter of hours are naturally expelled from the body, leaving no trace and no build up.
  3. knowing that all the ingredients are not only NOT HARMFUL, but that they are actually BENEFICIAL.  Every time you wear a natural perfume you are directly interfacing with the life-force of plants and trees.
  4. knowing that they are supporting change for a healthier future. By consciously choosing a natural product rather than a chemical one they are supporting the health of our beautiful, fragile and amazing planet.  They are being progressive and forward thinking.  The world needs more people like them.

If your teenager is looking for a natural perfume they will find plenty of choices and a range of prices.

We also highly recommend that you consider the following when making a natural perfume choice.

  1. Are ALL the ingredients listed. This is a tough one.  Many natural perfumers take advantage of the same loophole and only list key notes rather than all the ingredients.  This is a real issue for people with intolerances.
  2. If the perfume is really cheap you need to question whether it is actually all natural.  Some companies aren’t true to the ‘all natural’ claim.  Sorry to shatter anyone’s illusions here.  Sux 🙁
  3. Is it registered cruelty free?  If the answer is ‘Yes’ it means the finished product is not tested on animals and none of the individual ingredients in the perfume are tested on animals. Check the Choose Cruelty Free Register here. If it’s not on there, there are no guarantees.  Again, sorry…what can I say…it’s a jungle out there….

So I hope this is food for thought.  Natural perfume sample packs are available for $7 and free shipping and are the PERFECT way to try a few different scents without a big spend.

Our natural perfumes are registered cruelty free and we are totally transparent about ingredients – if its not ON the bottle, its not IN the bottle.  So everyone can feel 100% safe – yay!!

If you haven’t had a chance to take our famous ‘Perfume and Personality Quiz’ yet, do it! Or even better, get your teenager to do it. It’s at the bottom of this page. If you are looking to buy a natural perfume for your teenager, when you take the quiz, just imagine them instead of you when you answer the questions.  It works well and will give you a guide as to which natural perfume oil from our collection your teenager is most likely to love.

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