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Ethical Natural Perfume Oils and Luxury Bath and Body Oils.
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About Us

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Who are Circle of Life Botanicals??

We are a tribe of like minded individuals.

We are light hearted and pleasure seeking

We are young and free spirited.

We embody the heart and soul of the feminine

We are contemporary but with our roots in ancient and exotic cultures

We are connected to, and inspired by our natural world

We are conscious, progressive and open

We have a cause and we are committed to it.

Come and play….

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What Circle of Life Botanicals Offers You

Recognising and responding to the need and demand for more conscious living we take action in offering a collection of all natural perfume oils and body products that are beautiful, ethical and healthful.

Our natural perfume oils and luxury bath and body oils are lovingly hand poured with a selection of high quality essential oils from all around the world. Our in house perfumer has chosen each ingredient for its superior fragrance properties. All carrier oils have been chosen for their nourishing properties and superior skin feel. The result is a tantalising array of 8 natural perfume oils and 4 delicious luxury scented bath and body oils.  

We set ourselves apart from the mainstream synthetic perfume industry and in doing so make a return to the ancient, time honoured traditions of natural perfumery, and body oiling which is steeped in femininity, luxury and romance.

We are inspired to bring the heart and soul back to perfumery naturally.

We strive to offer women a collection of beautiful all natural alternatives to chemical based fragrances.

We are actively involved in raising awareness of safe cosmetics and personal care products and hope to inspire this generation and all future generations of women to find a better way in the realm of perfumery and skin care.

We recognise and respond to the growing awareness that in the name of beauty and personal care, NO compromises need to, or should be made to health, animal welfare or the environment. This FEELS good!  Our products are registered cruelty free, vegan and eco & human friendly.

We are committed to using only ethically farmed and produced ingredients and will not contribute to the ongoing eradication of medicinal plants worldwide.

We value the use of organic ingredients recognising the benefits of such for both personal health and the global environment.

As well as to unashamedly indulge your senses with delicious and ethereal all natural perfume oils and bath and body oils, our crusade is to carry a flag for natural living in harmony with our own bodies, and with love and respect for all living beings and the health of our amazing, beautiful and fragile planet.


Circle of Life Botanicals is a micro business based in beautiful subtropical Northern NSW, Australia and is owned and run by natural perfumer, Suzanne Flowerday.

The concept for Circle of Life Botanicals grew from a long time love of using and wearing essential oils both as perfume and for their amazing health benefits.

About Suzanne:

I spent my early childhood running wild in the English countryside – woods, fields, streams and teenage years immersed in my own world out in nature with notebook and pencil – always the dreamer.  Roots are strong, and internal…. and mine have never left me even though geographically I couldn’t be much further than the place I once called home. I am happy when surrounded by green and heart and home are firmly  in Byron Shire.  

Every morning, no matter what the weather, I look out from my verandah onto the hills and feel inspired. I am blessed.

I have found a true path to combining work, pleasure and my passion for natural perfumery with a holistic, harmonious life style. When I wear natural perfume I am very aware that I am directly interfacing with the life force of plants and trees.  I love that. 

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