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‘When I am wearing your natural perfume oils someone always comments on how good I smell.  I feel good when I smell good!  Your perfumes are natural and unique – like me!’ Ellie (ACT)

‘I thought they would be just another nice perfume oil, but these are next level delicious!’  Sandy (VIC)

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natural perfume oils

Welcome to Circle of Life Botanicals

Our all NATURAL PERFUMES OILS are handcrafted with a selection of high quality essential oils from around the world.  Each ingredient is chosen for its superior fragrance qualities and then formulated into blends to create a range of TANTALISING roll-on organic perfumes.  We invite you to, just for a little while, leave the phenomenal world, and step into the sublime…

ESSENTIAL OILS ARE THE LIFE FORCE OF PLANTS.  It is thought that they have several functions that include protecting the plant from pests and predators and to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.  Scientists also believe that essential oils provide the plant with protection against disease with their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. The fragrant component of some species may also act as a deterrent against other plants that may compete with it by growing nearby.  

Essential oils can be used in many different ways to address health imbalances in a holistic manner  when essential oils are either applied topically, or inhaled.  They are easily absorbed by your skin, where they penetrate the different layers of cells, or when inhaled they are almost instantaneously processed by your highly developed olfactory system (concerned with sense of smell). There they start QUIETLY WORKING THEIR MAGIC, SUBTLY STIMULATING, RELAXING, REJUVENTATING, REFRESHING, UPLIFTING, BRIGHTENING, AND SUPPORTING mind, body and spirit during the course of daily life.  Once their MESSAGES OF WELLBEING have been delivered, essential oils are naturally expelled from your body, in a matter of hours, leaving NO TRACE AND NO BUILD UP The science and art behind using essential oils therapeutically is called AROMATHERAPY. 

The art of natural perfumery is making a come back with the GROWING AWARENESS OF THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH MAINSTREAM CHEMICAL BASED COSMETICS AND FRAGRANCES.  In many cases, branching into the field of natural fragrance, is a natural progression for those who are qualified aromatherapists or are well-versed and self taught in the use of essential oils for their therapeutic qualities. 

In France in the 1800’s fragrances were made purely from essential oils by perfumers and the local gentry were happy with this until the introduction of synthetics in the 20th century.  However the 21st century has coined a relatively new phrase that was largely unheard of 5 years ago – NATURAL PERFUMERY.  This is really just a return to the TRADITIONAL WAYS OF CREATING PERFUME – with all natural ingredients, but with a new name.

Natural perfumery may use steam distilled essential oils, CO2 extracts, solvent extracted absolutes or, organic solvents may be used in the process.

The possibilities for creating unique and ethereal perfumes with the huge range of essential oils available today know almost no boundaries.  They may be alcohol based or oil based.  For the most part no preservative system is necessary, therefore providing beautiful, rich and tantalising aromas and COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC PERFUME OPTIONS

At Circle of Life Botanicals all our NATURAL PERFUME OILS are handcrafted from a selection of high quality essential oils from around the world.  Each ingredient is chosen for its superior fragrance qualities and then formulated into blends to create a range of tantalising roll-on organic perfumes.

These delightful little fragrant potions offer women AN ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICAL BASED PERFUMES and are beautifully packaged in 10ml dark glass bottles that slip easily into pockets and bags, making them easy and practical to apply and re-apply anywhere and anytime.

With 8 to choose from, there is sure to be something that suits every fragrance preference – from light, fresh, feminine, sensuous, delicate, smooth, zesty, exotic, sweet, rich, or floral – the range of notes available in natural perfumery is broad and varied, allowing the perfumer wonderful scope for creating the most INTOXICATING AND EXQUISITE SCENTS


We know that choosing a natural perfume on-line can be tricky so we’ve created an option for you to purchase samples sizes.  Choose any 3 natural perfume oil sample sizes for $7.00 and FREE SHIPPING within Australia.  This way you can find out find out which fragrance you love the most before making a big spend.  Each sample contains approx 1 mls of fragrance which will give you 10-20 applications at pulse points.

If you make a purchase over $50 we would like to give you a FREE  sample pack of natural perfume oils. Just make sure you put your sample choices in the notes section at the checkout.

Which will be YOUR favourite scent??!

Natural perfumes are trending these days and the name is self-explanatory. Anything that claims to be all natural is primarily made from natural or organic ingredients without the addition of any artificially produced chemicals or synthetic constituents.

In case of perfumes, the natural plant ingredients used, are known as ‘botanicals’. The different types of botanicals that make up all natural perfume include essential oils (CO2 extractions, absolutes) and carrier oils.

The ingredients or botanicals used to make all natural perfumes are extracted from plant materials that are aromatic. Commonly, it is believed that a flower is the only aromatic part of a plant but that is not true. Different methods of extraction are used to collect the ingredients from different plant parts including the twigs, leaves, stems, fruits, seeds, roots as well as flowers. The processes used to extract fragrant ingredients vary based on the part of a plant it is being extracted from; steam distillation, solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, effleurage, cold pressing and maceration.

It is important to know why there is a shift towards organic and natural products before following such a trend. The difference in natural and synthetic perfumes is a very basic one but it can be understood in more detail to justify its use and benefits. It is extremely essential for those shifting to the use of natural perfumes to also know how to identify and ensure the product they are buying is actually made from natural or organic ingredients.

Why The World Is Following A New Trend?

The use of natural products is coming around again and it seems like this time the trend is here to stay rather than being merely a fashion statement or a way to embrace exclusivity. The root of this shift lies in practical as well as health reasons. Synthetic products contain chemicals that may not be reactive or harmful to a level that they show severe symptoms right away.  Research provides proof enough to the masses that the use of chemicals and synthetic constituents in perfumes can definitely be detrimental to health when used regularly and over time.

Products such as natural perfumes aim to achieve perfection without the addition of any preservatives.  Perfumes that are all natural have a particularly intimate and lovely way of interacting with their wearer.  A natural product interfacing with a natural organism in a natural way.  It feels very good.

The natural oils that form the main aromatic components of the perfume reacts in a different way with the skin of every wearer. This means that using natural perfumes allows a personalised aroma based on individual differences in skin and body, making each perfume unique to its wearer.

Other than the beautiful, intimate quality of natural perfumes, there are many health benefits in that the absence of any synthetic ingredients ensures that no harm comes to the skin or body (via absorption through the skin) with the use of perfumes.

A rising concern with skin care products and perfumes alike are the unlisted chemicals on the labels. This means that manufacturers are allowed to hide the use of certain chemicals under the banner of “secret formula”, keeping consumers in the dark about what is actually in product they are using. Companies are permitted to just list ‘fragrance’ on the ingredients, without disclosing what makes up that fragrance

People who suffer from allergies and/or chemical sensitivities will already know that chemical based perfumes are among the top allergens.

Certain chemicals that are used in synthetic perfumes may have harmful effects, particularly if they are used over a long period of time. Commonly found in chemical perfumes are 3 widely avoided chemicals: Parabens are used as preservatives which the impair production and release of hormones. Phthalates, also preservatives, are carcinogenic, cause harm to kidneys and liver and have effects on reproduction. Musks are very popular in perfumes but synthetic musks are extremely harmful to reproductive organs as well as the environment.

These are only a few reasons that justify the shift towards natural perfumes and herald it as both progressive and smart and essential.

Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Perfumes

What most people would call a normal or mainstream perfume is basically referred to as synthetic perfume. Such a perfume has chemical ingredients which are more rightfully referred to as ‘aroma-chemicals’. Aroma-chemicals or aromatic compounds are produced in laboratories based on the composition of natural aromas or natural aromatic compounds. This means that these chemicals are artificially produced to mimic the scent, or aroma, of naturally occurring aromatic compounds found mostly in plants.

A natural perfume is a perfume that is made entirely with natural ingredients – essential oils, absolutes, alcohols and carrier oils. Natural perfumesCompanies that are not disclosing the full range of ingredients listed in their products (natural or synthetic) are potentially putting their users at risk. The major health hazards that become the users are due to the overload of synthetic chemicals in products. For this reason, awareness campaigns and the promotion of products such as all natural perfumes are becoming increasingly widespread today.

Consumers looking for a natural perfume should be discerning about what they are buying. Fragrance oils are not essential oils and are often the same aroma-chemicals mentioned beforehand.These aromatic ingredients are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts owing to their extraction processes and sometimes the rare occurrence or reachability. The rarity of natural fragrance extracts means the source is very difficult to tap which makes products using these ingredients more expensive. A comparison is often made between the types of perfume industries; where synthetic perfume producers allot a large sum of their budget in advertising, natural perfume producers remain low key, owing to a large chunk of their budget being invested in obtaining incredible essences from natural sources. Here, mentioning the fact that rose oil is considered extremely exclusive means a natural perfume containing it would cost a lot!

While the harmful effects of synthetic fragrances have already been discussed, not many people are still aware that these perfumes have been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Unnatural perfumes may be enjoyed by the masses for their aroma but they do not have any therapeutic effects. The tricky part about the ingredients mentioned in synthetic perfumes, especially the preservatives and aroma chemicals is that they can easily be listed as fragrance. Under the proprietary laws, this mention without revealing true identity of the chemical on the label is allowed which enables companies to keep their formulas a secret from competitors. This is not the case with natural perfume oils.

Among the most common and immediate reactions that users have to synthetic perfumes are headaches, dizziness, nausea and migraines. Since the synthetic perfume producers are not technically overriding the law, the users inability to make an educated decision regarding their own health and safety hangs in the balance. The shift towards all natural perfumes, as a follow-up to this, is basically a step towards making educated decisions.

Advantages Of Using Natural Perfumes

An added advantage to natural ingredients for fragrances like essential oils that have to be obtained mostly from plants is that they also come under the vegan category. With the turn towards an organic lifestyle, there is also the category of veganism. With minimal to no animal based ingredients in natural perfumes, people with vegan preferences do not have to limit their options.

Proper preparation of all natural perfumes ensures that any harmful effects or reactions that may be caused by natural products are catered to and the perfumes are safe to be used by the wearer. Essential oils can also be used as a fragrance in skin care products. However, most organic skin care products have no fragrance as all natural fragrances obtained as essential oils are extremely expensive and are therefore not used in these products. The use of these oils is primarily for perfumes.

Although synthetic aroma chemicals are produced by achieving similar compounds as natural essential oils in laboratories, there is a different story told about the chemistry of the latter. Naturally occurring compounds are known to have such a complex structure and are most often so minute that it is impossible to produce synthetic copies of these. The fact simply means that the fragrances produced from natural compounds can never be fully reproduced using synthetic chemicals.

One of the biggest advantages of all natural perfumes is their therapeutic quality. Although there have been debates on the healing powers of aroma therapy, the age old practices uphold the therapeutic value of aromatic substances. It has even been speculated that authentic and proper use of essential oils to produce natural perfumes is so advantageous that their proper utilization on the skin can have profound therapeutic effects. It is, however, also important to note that natural perfumes should not be mistaken for edible substances. Not all naturally occurring ingredients are edible and can therefore be extremely harmful, even poisonous if ingested.

Overall, the use of natural perfumes is beneficial for both the wearer and the environment as no harm is caused to either. It is a great alternative for synthetic perfumes for consumers that are conscious about environmental issues as well as careful about their own health.

How To Ensure The Product Is Natural

Since the process of making as well as the ingredients used in natural perfumes makes them an expensive product which is worth the price, it is extremely important to ensure that you buy from a producer that has been authenticated. Additionally, you must have some basic knowledge about how to ensure the product is genuinely all natural. There are two main things to consider before buying a product.

When you look at the ingredients on the perfume label, the term essential oils would be printed as it is or each individual type of oil such as rosemary essential oil and orange essential oil etc. would be listed separately. The best resource is one that has each individual type of oil mentioned separately. This has two advantages; one that the product can be authenticated by each user. Second, if a user has a specific allergy, it is easy to identify the exact essential oil that causes it so that a future purchase can be made with this knowledge in mind. Responsible producers of natural perfumes ensure the ingredients mention each essential oil in the natural perfume rather than simply stating ‘essential oil blend’ or ‘natural fragrance’.

The marker for synthetic perfumes is ‘parfum’, ‘fragrance’ or simply ‘perfume’. This basically means that the ingredients are unlikely to provide any more information than the simple mention of any of the three terms stated regardless of how many fragrant chemical constituents it contains.

While using natural perfumes, users can also observe certain markers to check authenticity of products. Well formulated natural perfumes generally last between two to four hours when applied to the skin. This is because the different oils evaporate from the skin at different rates. The time also varies from person to person based on their skin type and body temperature as well as how keen their sense of smell is.

If kept out of sun and direct light, where the temperature is not too hot, natural perfumes have a potential shelf life of two years. The best carrier oil for natural perfumes is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil base acts as a natural preservative for other essential oils in the perfume and is a very stable product. Jojoba oil itself is perfect for this purpose as it has no odour of its own.

Many natural perfumes also contain some residue. Over a period of time, additional residue appears in some natural perfumes. These are not indicators of the perfumes becoming rancid. When a viscous ingredient such as vanilla CO2 is used, the blends can have a cloudy appearance. Other viscous oils may also create a slight cloudy or visible residue at the bottom of the bottle. Simply shake the bottle a little before use, or alternatively, don’t think anything of it at all. Whether you shake the bottle or not, your natural perfume is already well mixed and will smell divine either way.

Good producers of natural products such as natural perfumes ensure that they advertise and sell only the most authentic product. They take upon themselves the responsibility of fully informing their prospective clients what they are being offered, with complete transparency. They also assume the duty of informing and educating people about the need for a more organic lifestyle to live healthy and happy, along with taking charge of reducing negative impacts on the environment.

As this is the mission of most natural products company owners; to provide for a healthier lifestyle and a safer environment, they aim to use their advertising and products as a means to create awareness for the growing need of this shift from synthetic and mass produced goods to all natural products.




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