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Floral Essential Oils and Absolutes


Floral Essential Oils and Absolutes

Floral essential oils and absolutes are stunningly beautiful – just like the flower petals that they are extracted from!  Understandably, they are the most popular group of essential oils. They are also wildly expensive which gives them that frustrating appeal of we always want what we can’t always have!  Below please find a run down of the floral essential oils and absolutes that we use in our products. The function they play and the way their beautiful aromas bind with other aromatic elements to create a delicious result!

Rose Maroc Absolute

Arguably the most exquisite and luxurious of essential oils, Rose Maroc Abs. essential oil can be considered the ultimate women’s oil.  It’s beautiful, floral, feminine aroma is used extensively in personal care products and its gentle, loving, nurturing properties are valued by natural perfumers the world over.

Rose oil invokes feelings of wellbeing, romance, and love and is useful for  softening and opening the heart.

In natural perfumery a little goes a long way with the versatile rose oil. It is an excellent base note, meaning that long after the fragrance of other essential oils has disappeared, a delectable hint of rose is left lingering on the skin for hours….

In natural perfumery rose essential oil blends well with:

lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, petitgrain, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, blood orange, bergamot, liquidambar, labdanum abs. cardamom, clove, geranium

Rose Geranium

In terms of what it can do for our emotional well being rose geranium is a very balancing oil. As rose geranium essential oil is useful for levelling out emotional ups and downs and is a wonderful reliever of stress and anxiety.

Used in body products rose geranium essential oil is used often.  Over time it will help fade scars and other skin blemishes.  It encourages the regeneration of new cells thereby facilitating the development of healthier, fresher looking skin.

In natural perfumery rose geranium essential oil provides a heart note that is softer and easier to work with than straight up geranium.  Source a particularly rosy rose geranium, and it will do a beautiful job of both extending and enhancing rose otto or rose absolute.

In natural perfumery rose geranium essential oil blends well with:

lavender, bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, jasmine, grapefruit, clary sage, rose otto petitgrain,

Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine absolute is a very expensive oil like some of the other oils that are extracted from the petals of flowers.  It takes a huge amount of petals to produce a relatively small amount of essential oil so the production of jasmine essential oil is extremely labour intensive.  The blooms of the best essential oil are harvested early in the morning whilst the dew is still on the blossoms.  Jasmine has been called ‘The King of Flowers’ and in India ‘The Queen of the Night’ because the fragrance is more intense and magical than ever under the light of the moon.  This oil will be more effective when used in small quantities – as with all absolutes, it is incredibly potent and if not diluted down enough it loses some of its gentle beauty.

Jasmine absolute is more likely to be used for natural perfumery rather than aromatherapy.  It is a very sensual oil and its warm, heady aroma tantalises the senses, and makes it easier for feelings of love and trust to be exchanged.  Of course, has been a much sought after ingredient for natural perfume and body oils for centuries past and this remains true today.

Jasmine absolute is often used in cosmetics.  It is very easily absorbed by the skin, and has an air of luxury and richness about it, understandably so, given the cost of the oil and the heady, exotic fragrance.

In natural perfumery jasmine absolute blends well with:

rose otto, sandalwood, bloodorange, cedarwood, spruce, neroli, grapefruit, petitgrain, michelia champaca, buddhawood, clary sage,


Lavender is best known for its therapeutic properties where it is spashed around very liberally.  But don’t rule it out as an ingredient for natural perfumery. A good quality high altitude french lavender makes a wonderful heartnote.  Don’t use too much though or you’ll end up with a scent reminiscent of Granny’s Cottage.

It’s extremely versatile and useful because it blends so well with so many other perfumery notes.  Technically lavender is categorised as a floral although it doesn’t have that classic floral scent.  Its aroma is quite herbaceous and little spicy.

In natural perfumery lavender essential oil blends well with:

bergamot, clary sage, peppermint, patchouli, lemon, geranium, pine, rose otto, neroli, frankincense, sweet orange


Neroli has an exquisite fragrance and is one of the most expensive oils around.  Blossoms must be hand picked and a huge amount of flowers yields a small amount of oil at the end of the process.

With its ethereal scent, neroli essential oil is one that touches the soul and has the ability to reach deep inside the emotional self to stabilise and regenerate.  It is relaxing, tranquilising and nurturing.  When all else has failed and it seems there is no-where left to turn, there is neroli.

For those wanting to offer themselves a little extra TLC neroli comes into play – it is a very nurturing oil – the best for pampering and self care.

In the realm of natural perfumery, it is loved.  It is often pitched in competition against rose – which one do you prefer?  It is easy to think of the flower oils as all feminine – but not so and neroli is one of those who has as wonderful yin/yang balance, making it a valuable ingredient in perfume oils or body oils for both men and women.

Some would say that neroli is a luxury oil, and others would argue that it is a necessity…

In natural perfumery neroli essential oil blends well with:

lavender, bergamot, rose otto, jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary, ylang ylang, blood orange, petitgrain, patchouli, lime, cedarwood,

Ylang Ylang

The distinct and unique aroma of Ylang Ylang essential oil, once it has been sampled once is easy to remember, even to those not accustomed to using essential oils.  The fragrance of the oil is very strong although interestingly enough, the blossoms on the tree do not have much of an aroma at all.

Ylang Ylang is one of the ultimate ‘feel good’ oils.  It is loud, exuberant, colourful bright, passionate, erotic making it perfect for those who are stuck in a rut, lacking in confidence, feeling drab and down in the dumps as it can dispel some of this and restore some sense of equilibrium.

Not only is it capable of reducing some the negative emotions that we humans experience, it replaces them with their positive opposites.  So feelings of sadness,  frustration and irritability become joyfulness, peacefulness and relaxation.

Natural perfumes that contain ylang ylang essential oil as a dominant note would be bright, friendly and sociable – the aroma suits the properties of the essential oil itself. However ylang ylang can be used cleverly in tiny amounts to extend or enhance other other floral oils such as jasmine or michelia champaca.  In this way it may not be particularly noticeable, but just adds a subtle layer to the floral dimension. Really invaluable as a note in rich, heady, decadent perfumes.

In natural perfumery ylang ylang essential oil blends well with:

lavender, clary sage, neroli, sandalwood, michelia champaca, jasmine ginger, coconut, lime, vanilla, frankincense, grapefruit, sweet orange, red mandarin
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Michelia Champaka

Nag Champa is the name sometimes given to this oil because the aroma is similar to the well  known and well loved incense of that name.  But nag champa incense is not a single aroma but a blend of different aromas including the champa flower, sandalwood and a number of other rich resinous oils.

Michelia champaka oil comes from a species of the magnolia flower.  It has a rich, reasonably heavy floral fragrance.  Some will luxuriate in that, others will want to see it balanced and lightened with other elements.

In natural perfumery michelia champaka absolute blends well with:

jasmine, ylang ylang, magnolia, ginger, bergamot, lemon, vanilla, grapefruit, coriander, grapefruit

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