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Recycling and Packaging

As an environmentally conscious family business we go to some lengths to minimise the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste we are creating.  Did you know that every single piece of plastic that has ever been used still exists somewhere???  Much of it contained in islands of plastics in our oceans. For us thats a mind-boggling and horrible reality, and we certainly don’t want to contribute to it.

So when you receive your order it is probably packed in bubblewrap and cardboard boxes that we have collected from other larger, local businesses: businesses that have an excess of waste that is actually totally re-usable.  So instead of creating our own excess of waste for the purposes of marketing, we have chosen to recycle and reuse other peoples waste.  Your products are still expertly packed in quality packing materials – its just not brand new packaging.  We get awesome feel good feelings just by knowing we are operating in ways that support sustainability.  We are sure you will agree with our earth friendly philosophy regarding getting our fabulous products safely from us to you.


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